Teel’chinti’/T’iis’iiahi’ Chapter Veterans Committee

Linda Onesalt – Veterans Commander

Mary Lynch-Pina  – Veterans Vice President Commander

Victoria Owens – Veterans Secretary/Treasurer

Vacant – Veterans Committee Member

Vacant – Veterans Committee Member


All Veterans Financial Assistance Requests Must Require:
  • Completed Veterans Assistance Application
  • DD214
  • Social Security Card
  • Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Chapters Voter Card
  • Drivers License or I.D.
  • W-9 Form
Navajo Nation Veterans Administration-Fort Defiance Agency

Veterans Registration for FY’17 for New Veterans and to UPDATE Registration Requirements:

  1. Veterans Registration Form
  2. DD-214
  3. Marriage Certificate / Divorce Decree
  4. Certificate of Indian Blood
  5. Driver’s License
  6. Social Security Card
  7. CURRENT 2016 Chapter Voter’s Registration
  8. CURRENT W-9